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Joint Project: QEWSplus

Quality Enhancement of Shallow Geothermal Systems

Lead management
Biberach University of Applied Sciences – Institute for Building and Energy Systems (HBC-IGE)
Project management
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Koenigsdorff (
M.Sc. Adinda Van de Ven (
Project duration
01.01.2021 - 31.12.2024
Grant number
Project Partners
Burkhardt GmbH
Fraunhofer ISE
Hauri KG
H.S.W. GmbH
ZAE Bayern

Borehole hole heat exchangers and related systems, subsumed as shallow geothermal systems, are widely used as a heat source for ground-coupled heat pumps for heating, as a heat sink for cooling and as thermal energy storage systems for either heating, cooling or a combination of both operating modes. Using this wide range of applications and the particular advantage of weather- and season-independent availability, shallow geothermal systems can make an important contribution to more renewable energies.

In the joint project QEWSplus "Quality enhancement of shallow geothermal systems", important aspects of quality assurance and enhancement for shallow geothermal systems are investigated and solutions are developed based on the predecessor project, the joint research project "QEWS II: Quality assurance for borehole heat exchangers II" (Grant number: 03ET1386A-G, ). Thereby, all relevant phases are considered, starting from design and planning to construction and up to commisioning. The project intends to contribute tot he reduction of risks, the reduction of energy production costs, the increase of efficiency and system availability as well as to a greater awareness and public acceptance of these technologies. The joint project comprises the following subprojects:
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