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Subproject 1.2

Development of a method and measuring device for the characterization of trench collectors

Lead Management
ZAE Bayern / Fraunhofer ISE
Subproject Leader
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Michael Kainzlsperger (
Participating Partners
ZAE Bayern
Fraunhofer ISE
Burkhardt GmbH

The advantage of ground heat collectors and geothermal baskets is its simpler approval procedure and the lower investment costs compared to borehole heat exchangers. For these type of source systems, however, there is no method for the determination and characterisation of its thermal behaviour in the subsurface, as it is the case for borehole heat exchangers using the thermal response test method. Therefore, in the subproject, a thermal test method for ground heat collectors is developed and tested using a trench collector as an example.
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