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Subproject 3.3

Realistic combination of investigation aspects of filtration effects

Lead Management
Solites / ZAE Bayern / Fraunhofer ISE
Subproject Leader
M.Sc. Yannick Reduth (
B.Sc. Micha Pinnekamp (
Participating Partners
ZAE Bayern
Fraunhofer ISE

During filtration tests in the predecessor project QEWS II, inhomogeneities were found in the backfilling material both for cross-sections and along the length of the samples. The structures and areas of different hardness and water content, which were arranged concentrically, indicate segregation and separation of the constituents. It is assumed that the areas of the detected inhomogeneities show a changed permeability compared to the samples produced in the laboratory as a result of exchange processes of the suspension with the subsoil on the one hand and represent weak points and first failure points of the backfilling while freezing on the other hand. It is to be examined whether the damage of filtered backfilling material after frost impact is greater than previously assumed. For this purpose, samples from the filtration test rig developed by Solites (subproject 3.1) are installed in the system triaxial cell developed by ZAE Bayern (subproject 3.2). The system samples will then be subjected to freeze-thaw cycles, whereby a dependency between filtration of the backfill material and freeze-thaw cycle resistance is investigated.
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