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Subproject 4

Multifunctional modelling of shallow geothermal systems

Participating Partners
H.S.W. GmbH

The innovative character of this subproject on modelling and the development of planning and design tools that are easier to use than numerical simulations lies in two aspects: On the one hand, a consistent modelling method for various and complex shallow geothermal systems, which is suitable for engineering practice (i.e. models which are fundamentally simple and thus comprehensible) but nevertheless as accurate, realistic and robust as possible (neither highly complex, "scientific" or purely numerical models nor rough "design parameters"). On the other hand, the models are implemented in software tools that are distributed directly to end users and explained in training courses if required. This corresponds to the approach of transfer-oriented research at Biberach University of Applied Sciences with a direct coupling of scientific results and practical application through cooperation with the H.S.W. engineering office. The work on this subproject is structured as follows:
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