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Subproject 4.1

Extension of consistent modelling

Lead Management
Biberach University of Applied Sciences – Institute for Building and Energy Systems (HBC-IGE)
Subproject Leader
M.Sc. Adinda Van de Ven (
Participating Partners
H.S.W. GmbH

The method of analytical and consistent modelling of shallow geothermal source systems [Van de Ven et al, 2018] developed in the predecessor project QEWS II, which is successfully applied to various systems, is completed in this project. The overarching goal is to enable a neutral, manufacturer-independent comparison of different source systems and source system combinations for planning and design, in which the methodological basis of the models is basically the same for all system types. In this way, all major closed-loop shallow geothermal source systems, including their relevant effects, can be calculated and compared in a planning tool on a methodologically uniform basis.

Van de Ven, A.; Koenigsdorff, R.; Hofmann, S. (2018): Entwicklung konsistenter Auslegungsmodelle für oberflächennahe geothermische Quellensysteme. In: Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (Hg.): BauSIM 2018. 7. Deutsch-Österreichische IBPSA-Konferenz. Conference proceedings. With the collaboration of Petra von Both and Andreas Wagner. Karlsruhe, 26.-28.09.2018 (7), S. 508-515. Online available at, last checked on 02.06.2021
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